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Electric Animals

Hi, I'm Rob Morieson, a frontend developer based in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on accessibility, performance and outstanding UX.

I am committed to creating online experiences that are accessible by everyone.

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  • Adding a dark / light mode toggle to Next.js using CSS variables

    With consideration for accessibility, prefers-color-scheme settings, persisting preferences and avoiding the dreaded 'flash of death' caused by SSR

    • Next.js
    • React
    • CSS Variables
    • Accessibility

With over 10 years of agency and freelance experience, my skill set has a broad range: from the foundational online building blocks of HTML, CSS and Javascript, right through to full stack development. I'm always sure to harness UX, UI and accessibility thinking as a complement to my technical abilities.

Teaching and mentoring developers has also played an integral role in my career and it's something I approach with passion and joy.

My current focus is on web performance, and as a member of the team at Calibre it's something I get to work on every day!

Outside of web development I am passionate about music and cycling. My days as a DJ and radio host might now be done and dusted, but you can follow along with my other two wheeled adventures over on Strava.



If you'd like to get in touch, please feel free to drop me an email

Otherwise, you can follow my random thoughts on Twitter